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Android Development

Gradually more and more people switching to handheld devices for daily internet usage and Android being a dominating platform there, businesses need to find a way to tap this huge market.
Small and big companies from various industries like travel, shopping, banking, insurance and health are building Android applications for their businesses.

We have an experienced team of Android and Java developers able to develop and implement business applications and other utilities running on Android OS.

Iphone Development

During last few years I-phone has changed the way applications are used over a networked environment. Our team of I-phone developers are able to implement social media apps, GPS applications and business applications for various clients.

Our approach for mobile application development is very simple. We provide your customers an enhanced user experience with desired functionality and help you retain and grow your market. We help you convert your business ideas into practical applications.

BlackBerry Development

Blackberry was the first brand which was launched as a business phone and still hold a that image in the market. As per the projected image Blackberry phones come with hardware capabilities to handle business applications. While targeting handheld device users if we ignore blackberry we ignore a market segment which comprises serious business users and professionals. Client/Server Application, Wireless Solutions, Wireless Entertainment, Advertisement Applications, Internet based Solutions, Mobile, PDA, Embedded and Wireless technologies.

Web Development

Our customized web development solutions are based on custom software development with a versatile skills and a great talent pool, expertise in Dot Net, Ajax Development, XML,PHP, Java, Flash Script and various development scripts and languages as per requisite. Over a decade of hand-on-experience in custom web application development that comprises of life cycle development, sharepoint web development, corporate web development, project management development, flash web development.

Web Desgining

Wolves World Tech is an ideal choice for affordable, professional and elegant website design. Website design is not just about designing eye catching graphics, animations and interesting website navigation. It is more about representing your corporate identity, making your message clear to the visitor who is always in a hurry, easy navigation to enable the visitor to find immediately what he is looking for ,optimum download time and a foresight for search engine optimization. We have all the expertise to create the look and feel for your site which will have the desired effect on the visitor. We design your site right from the concept to implementation.

BULL-X lure machines

HOME CONTACT US GALLERY MACHINE SALES (DOG) MACHINE SALES (FALCON) MINI MACHINE BULL-X is a UK-based manufacturer of professional lure machines. The products we create are unique, and hand-built in the heart of Derbyshire by breeders who understand animals. If you are a dog or bird trainer, you’ll find our professional lure equipment second to none. The Bull-x professional outdoor lure can be used in parks, fields or gardens – and has a usable 500m tough line and accessories.


When Internet users search for your products or services, your website needs to be the first one they find. SEO helps the search engines recognize your relevance to specific keywords that people search for online. The search engine optimization process includes researching keywords, creating content, building links and making sure your website is visible in the search engines.

About us

Our company has got a team of highly skilled software application developers. They have got the experience and expertise in their domains, ability to customize solutions and services, round the clock support. With the cutting edge technology and industry knowledge we are able to give deliverables to clients meeting SLAs.

We are expert in social media developments, in integrating Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Widgets, Google buzz applications and Our highly skilled designers make use of the latest designing tools to make applications that are beneficial to your cause and boost your web presence and all this is done at the most negotiable and scalable deals.

Contact Us

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